Kartra’s JV Partner Program Yields recurring commissions for Life

Kartra offers a 2-tier affiliate program offered by Kartra where you can sail away with a recurring affiliate commission for LIFE just for referring hungry on-line marketers like you to its powerful platform. By becoming a JV Partner – that’s free by the way – you’ll earn 40% in recurring commissions each month. Furthermore, you’ll earn 10% in recurring lifetime commissions for each item sold by your JV partners!

If you are new to the world of Kartra, you’ll soon find that as it is the most comprehensive on-line marketing platforms out there! Kartra is realistically positioned to achieve a substantial share of the market in a quickly evolving on-line niche.

People in all walks of business, whether that be on-line entrepreneurs or brick & mortar businesses, are beginning to understand how important digital marketing is to their business success. However, the skills and tools to optimize those efforts are not in their wheel house! What is missing, and absolutely essential is the concept of a marketing funnel! Kartra’s leading edge tools greatly simplifies the process.

Competitively priced, Kartra out performs other platforms such as Clickfunnels. As Kartra make other platforms obsolete you’ll find that it has the sticking power to provide you that recurring monthly commission for a very long time! That is an offer others just won’t make.

So jump in! Apply for a Kartra JV Partnership for free. You’ll be glad you did!

Position yourself at the helm as a Kartra Affiliate — JV Partner and earn commissions for life!

We are referring referring hundreds of people into Kartra and are generating thousands of dollars every month with with the platform’s affiliate program! Learn how you can be a part of the team.

Timing is everything! Clickfunnels made many people wealthy when they launched their affiliate program.

Now Kartra is taking the lead as the premier tool in the digital marketing industry and is offering you the opportunity to capitalize upon their affiliate program!

Unsure of How to Get Started?

No problem! My team will help you all along the journey.

Be a part of my Kartra JV Network for free here.


Email my support staff (team@predictable-system.com) soon after you complete your Kartra Affiliate application . Include the email and name you registered with in your message and we’ll will add you to our private support group and help you learn how to earn Kartra referral commissions.

-Michael Glass

Check out Kartra’s Platform here

Join my Kartra JV Network here. (FREE)

Be sure to follow the steps at the above link, “Be a Part of My Kartra JV Network for Free Right Here” to become an affiliate on our team. The application process is brief. After you apply and are accepted, you’ll need to log in and activate your account.

If you are on the plank and not sure you want to make this leap into the vast and abundant digital marketing ocean, contact me and we’ll talk it out.

Take the plunge with Kartra’s FREE affiliate program and learn how I generate Kartra sales and commissions. Go to this page and opt-in. You’ll see some simple instructions on the next page. They will also be emailed to you. Follow them EXACTLY and you’ll be accepted into Kartra’s referral program and added to my JV Partner team. We’ll rock it!

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